Help is Here

Help is available to all who may be experiencing difficulties.

Sometimes it may be difficult to talk to families and friends about personal problems.

Counselling allows you to speak to someone you have not met before and who will listen sympathetically.

Counselling may help you make more sense of things which have previously seemed confusing.


Counselling is NOT about ....................

  • Giving you advice

  • Making judgements about your life

  • Telling you what you should do


Counselling can be useful when .................

  • Facing difficulties at work

  • Facing relationship problems

  • Felling isolated and down

  • Coping with bereavement

  • Coping with medical conditions

  • Many other reasons


Counselling is a helping process of .................

  • Sharing

  • Understanding

  • Enabling

  • Listening

  • Trusting

  • Encouragement and Support

  • Empowering

Sometimes People find they feel uneasy about using a Counselling service at first, because they often think that somebody else wouldn't find their problem important enough, they also have a fear of being judged.

Clouds Counselling Service believes all problems are important, and any issues will be given considerate and sensitive action, whether large or small. The Counsellors are NOT here to judge.

Clouds Counselling Service is here to help & also happy to answer any queries that you might have.

Client Line 07962 907053

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