Mission Statement

Offering a FREE, PROFESSIONAL, CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE to all service users.

To endeavour to provide a High Level of Professionalism at all times.

We Are Now a Charity. Our registration number: 1158887.

We are happy to receive donations no matter how small, towards our core costs.

Clouds Community Counselling Service appointments are FREE & unrestricted for up to six months after which they are likely to be reduced while working to a safe and planned ending.

Please Note:
Though counselling is FREE, Clouds CCS raises small and reasonable
charges as follows.

Attendance of Meetings on behalf of the Client or other Professionals requests @ £25 per hour.

Travel to Meetings @ 45p per mile

Reports and statements written as requested by clients, or others on behalf
of a client, we charge £100

Letters as requested by a client to others £5 to £10

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